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[Focus on the 20th Congress] Cairo Link & Win™ held a Party Committee (expanded) meeting to study the report of the 20th Party Congress

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10On the afternoon of October 18, Cairo Link & Win™ held a Party Committee (expanded) meeting in the Party Committee Conference room to study the report of the Party's 20th Congress. School leaders Hu Lin, Xin Ning, Xu Youpeng, Liu Yanxia, Fan Maoyun, Huang Qing, Chen Zhongwei, members of the Party Committee, members of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department of the Party Committee, the propaganda Department of the Party Committee, the student work office, the Youth League Committee, and the secretary of the general branch of the grass-roots Party participated in the meeting. Hu Lin, secretary of the Party Committee of the university, led the study of the spirit of the Party's twenty major reports.

School Party secretary Hu Lin at the meeting to talk about learning experience

After the collective study, the participants combined with their actual work, talk about understanding, bright attitude, and talk about learning and understanding of the Party's 20 major reports.

Hu Lin, party secretary of the university, said,First, we must always adhere to the party's leadership over the work of private colleges and universities. In the process of running a school, it is necessary to always play the political core role of the Party, fully implement the party's educational policy and the socialist direction of running a school, take the Party's political construction as the leader, comprehensively promote the party's political construction, ideological construction and organizational construction in private colleges and universities, and run the party's political leadership through the whole process of running a private college and university, in an all-round, all-factor, all-chain and all-coverage. Second, we must always bear in mind the original heart of Lide and cultivate people, and shoulder the mission of casting souls and educating people. Lay a solid foundation for educating the Party and the country, and train socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor. Third, high-quality party building should lead the high-quality development of private colleges and universities. Strengthen the role of political guidance, educate and guide the majority of teachers and students to effectively enhance the "four consciousness", achieve the "two maintenance", the school party committee should take the overall situation in the direction and principle issues, educate and lead the majority of Party members, cadres and teachers and students to form a high degree of consciousness in politics, ideology and action, and earnestly implement the guidelines and policies of the Party Central Committee and major decisions and deployments. We must speak clearly about politics, lead Party members and cadres to constantly improve their political judgment, political understanding, and political execution, maintain a firm political stance, maintain political vigilance, and resolutely fight against all kinds of ideological tendencies and behaviors that have unreliable political beliefs, weak political positions, and biased political directions.

According to Sinning, the school's executive principal,To ensure that education is satisfactory to the people, we have great responsibilities, heavy tasks and high requirements. As educators, we must implement the Party's educational policy, adhere to the socialist direction of running a school, and implement the fundamental task of fostering morality and cultivating people. We must insist on taking every step of the school's development, train students carefully, and truly train students into socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor. It is necessary to be good at development issues, improve shortcomings, and truly run the school into a school that is satisfying to the people, reassuring to parents, and recognized by the society.

Xu Youpang, vice president of the school, said,The theme of the Party's 20th report is clear, the direction is clear, we must do a good job of Party members, cadres, teachers and students to study the spirit of the Party's 20th report, to combine ideological and political courses, so that the spirit of the 20th report into the classroom, into the mind, into the teaching material; It is necessary to strengthen the strategy of strengthening schools with talents, further improve the scale and quality of schools, respect, train and retain talents, and promote higher and faster development of schools.

Liu Yanxia, vice principal of the school, said,Private colleges and universities should adhere to the socialist direction of running schools and implement the fundamental task of educating people for the Party and the country. We should enhance the happiness of teachers and students working and studying in the school. As a newly established school, our faculty and staff should forge ahead united and work together to overcome difficulties. Work hard to run schools that satisfy the people.

Fan Maoyun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the university and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, said,In just four years, the university has become a university of 10,000 people with remarkable achievements. At the same time, it is inevitable to meet various problems in the development. We should further strengthen the education of Party discipline and regulations, strengthen the connotation construction of the university, establish and improve the various systems of the university and implement them in place, so as to make due contributions to the construction of a powerful education country.

Huang Qing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Student Affairs Office, said,To run a university that satisfies the people, we must keep the hearts of teachers and students, we must serve the majority of teachers and students well, run the university regularly, let everyone fully feel the school's care and love, and mobilize everyone's enthusiasm to promote the development of the university.

Chen Zhongwei, vice president of the school, said,We should pay more attention to the construction of livelihood projects in schools, pay more attention to improving the living, working and learning conditions of teachers and students, and increase the happiness of teachers and students; In terms of school construction, it is necessary to continue to build a green campus, create an environmentally friendly campus and a low-carbon campus, cultivate students' awareness of conservation and green low-carbon concept, and set a low-carbon example for the society.

Shi Hanlin, secretary of the General Party Branch of the nursing school, said,Secondary colleges should stand their own posts and defend their own positions. We should not only guard the hearts of students, with practical actions to solve the difficulties of students, to resolve the conflict in the initial stage; We should also keep the heart of teachers, communicate with them more, do our own work, and contribute to the development of the school.

Wu Chenggan, secretary of the school's Youth League Committee and General Party Branch, said,Young people are strong, the country is strong, contemporary youth born at the right time, how fortunate, our majority of youth members should follow the pace of the Party, adapt to the development of The Times, forge ahead, let the youth bloom gorgeous flowers, for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country to make due contributions.

Hu Lin, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, put forward the following requirements on how to learn, publicize and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress report.

First, it is necessary to effectively improve the political position, strengthen understanding and in-depth understanding.Deeply understand the rich connotation, spiritual essence and practical requirements of the Party's 20th National Congress report, deeply understand the new proposals, new ideas and new measures put forward by the Party's 20th National Congress report, and earnestly learn to understand and understand.

Second, it is necessary to comprehensively and systematically organize and carry out the propaganda and implementation of the spiritual study of the conference.We should quickly set off an upsurge in studying, publicizing and implementing the spirit of the Party's 20th National Congress report, armed our minds with the spirit of the Party's 20th National Congress report, guided practice, and promoted work, and effectively unified our ideological understanding and actions with the spirit of the Party's 20th National Congress Report.

The third is to transform the learning results into practical measures to forge a new journey and build a new era.Party organizations at all levels, departments and secondary colleges of the whole school should conscientiously study, combine learning with application, promote work with learning, promote the implementation of various work with a stronger sense of responsibility and a higher enthusiasm for work, strive to train skilled practical talents, increase efforts to serve local economic and social development, and build a modern socialist country in an all-round way. To contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Photo and text: Han Mengmeng

Review: Xiaoyan Hu

Final verdict: Huang Qing

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