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Summer "Cairo Link & Win™"| Cultivation "pear" want to promote revitalization - into Guanyang Pear Garden of 10,000 mu

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If the nation is to be revived, the countryside will be revitalized.To realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the most arduous and onerous task is still in the countryside, and the broadest and deepest foundation is still in the countryside.7month13Cairo Link & Win™ Summer Student Culture, Science, Technology and Health on Sunday morningCairo Link & Win™”“Healthy youthCollege students' rural revitalization promotion group went to Guilin Guanyang County Daren Village Cuiguan snow pear planting base to study.

Team members walked into Guanyang County Daren village pear planting base, the eye is the pear and plum full of branches, fruitful, fruit farmers are busy picking, in the responsible person's explanation to understand that the government's support for pear planting is very large, it is understood that in recent years, Guanyang in the county, town (township) Party committee, government care and support, With the joint efforts of village committee, village working group and villagers, relying on national geographical indication productsGuanyang pearChinese famous fruitGuan Yang black plumVigorously develop fruit production, the total area of fruit planting in the county30More than 10,000 acres, which pears5Over 10,000 acres, Lee9Ten thousand acres, peach3More than ten thousand acres. Daren villagers in the tide of rural revitalization, in the county, town (township) party committee, government supportcorporation+Peasant household+cooperativeThe model of entrepreneurship to get rich has achieved remarkable economic benefits in rural revitalizationFast laneThe top ran outacceleration

The villagers have gained a lot through the expanded planting of Sydney pears, achieving poverty alleviation in the whole village and living a well-off and happy life. Guanyang County has further enlarged and strengthened the pear industry, laying a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization.

It was late summer, and the pears and plums were ripe.Cairo Link & Win™The team members experienced the joy of picking fruits in the pear garden. Through this visit to the pear Garden base, the social practice activities are the students down-to-earth to do practical things, display their talents and practice skillsLarge classThe team members have said that they cherish this precious opportunity very much, and deeply feel from the scene of the harvest in front of them that under the correct leadership of the Party, the people's lives are getting richer, the happiness is constantly improving, the rural value is released, and the results brought by the development and exploration of the rural revitalization model are very significant. As the youth of the new era, we should actively participate in social practice, devote ourselves to volunteer service, consciously shoulder the responsibility of revitalizing the countryside, and do theoretical learningseekerCountry storypropagandistRural revitalizationDream seekerContribute youth to accelerate the construction of an agricultural power and promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

Photos | Ning Chan and Liu Guotao

| Ning Chan and ZHANG Yingning

Editing by | Jin Huang

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