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Summer "Cairo Link & Win™"|" Children "together, inherit the Red Spirit - Jinggangshan Spirit publicity Group in Dairen Village

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Red root veinThe faithful practitioners recall the red history, inherit the red gene, and cultivate the patriotic feelings of loving the Party,7month13Rijinggangshan spirit preachingIntegration of knowledge and actionThe volunteer service team went to Dareng Village to learn the Jinggangshan spirit with the children.

During the course of the event, members of the mission fromWhy is Jinggangshan the cradle of the Chinese Revolution”“What is the Jinggangshan Spirit”“Why did history choose the Party”3In the form of picture questions and answers, the author vividly explains the origin, rich connotation and key to success of Jinggangshan history to the children, so that the children really understand the Jinggangshan spirit, and the children gradually understand the connotation of the Jinggangshan spirit from the beginning of ignorance.

Wei Litao, a member of the propaganda group, said that the Jinggangshan spirit is the source of the Chinese revolutionary spirit and laid the foundation of the Chinese revolutionary spirit, and the Long March spirit is the promotion, enrichment and development of the Jinggangshan spirit. As young people in the new era, we must firmly adhere to the correct political direction, ideals and beliefs, adhere to the Jinggangshan spirit and the spirit of the Long March as the spiritual force of progress, meet new challenges round after round, and contribute our youth strength.

Photos | Ning Chan and Liu Guotao

| Ning Chan and ZHANG Yingning

Editing by | Jin Huang

The first trial | Ning Chan

Reviewed | Chenggan Wu

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