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The Ministry of Education and other seven departments issued the "Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Construction of Teachers' Ethics in the New Era" notice

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The Ministry of Education and other seven departments issued the "On Strengthening and Improving the New Era.
Opinions on the construction of teachers' ethics and style
teacherThe 10th of 2019

Departments of Education (Education Commission), Organization Department of Party Committees, Publicity Department of Party Committees, Development and Reform Commission, Department of Finance (Bureau), Department of Human Resources and Social Security (Bureau), Department of Culture and Tourism (Bureau) of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Education Bureau, Party Committee Organization Department, Party Committee Propaganda Department, Development and Reform Commission, Finance Bureau, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, Education Department (bureau) of relevant departments (units), affiliated institutions of higher learning, and jointly built institutions of higher learning by the Ministry and province:

Opinions of The State Council on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the Construction of Teachers in the New Era, strengthening and improving the construction of teachers' ethics in the new era, and advocating that the whole society respect teachers and value education. The Ministry of Education, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have formulated the Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Construction of Teachers' Ethics and Ethics in the New Era, which are hereby distributed to you.

Ministry of Education Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee Central Propaganda Department
National Development and Reform Commission Exchequer
Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Ministry of Culture and Tourism
November 15, 2019

Opinions on strengthening and improving the construction of teachers' ethics in the new era

In order to earnestly implement the Implementation Outline for the Construction of Civic Morality in the New Era, we will further promote the implementation of the CPC Central Committee Opinions of The State Council on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the Construction of Teachers in the New Era, comprehensively improving the ideological and political quality and professional ethics of teachers, and now put forward the following opinions on strengthening and improving the construction of teachers' ethics and style in the new era.

First, the overall requirements for strengthening the construction of teachers' ethics

1. Guiding ideology. Strict regulations, strengthen daily supervision of education, strengthen the protection of teachers' rights and interests, advocate that the whole society respect teachers and value education, encourage teachers to strive to become "four" good teachers, and strive to train socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor.

2. Basic principle

-- Stay on the right track. We will strengthen the Party's overall leadership over education, adhere to the socialist direction of running schools, and ensure that teachers' principal role in carrying out the fundamental task of fostering morality and educating people is fully brought into play.

-- Respecting rules. Follow the law of education, the law of teacher growth and development and the law of teacher ethics construction, pay attention to the combination of high-level guidance and bottom line requirements, strict management and love, and constantly stimulate the internal motivation of teachers.

-- Stay focused. Around the key content, in view of prominent problems, strengthen the leadership responsibilities of all localities and departments, consolidate the main responsibilities of schools, guide families and society to cooperate, and promote the institutionalization and normalization of the construction of teachers' ethics and ethics.

-- Persisting in inheritance and innovation. Inherit the Chinese tradition of excellent teachers, comprehensively summarize the experience in the construction of teachers' ethics and ethics since the reform and opening up, especially the 18th National Congress of the Party, adapt to the changes of the new era, strengthen innovation, and promote the continuous deepening of the construction of teachers' ethics and ethics.

3. The overall goal. After about five years of efforts, we have basically established a complete system and effective long-term mechanism for the construction of teachers' ethics and ethics. Teachers' ideological and political quality and professional ethics have been comprehensively improved, and teachers' dedication to learning and worship of virtue and beauty have taken on a new look. A system for protecting the rights and interests of teachers has been basically established, a good environment for teachers to be secure, enthusiastic, comfortable and calm in teaching has been basically formed, and the dignity of teachers' teachings has been further enhanced. The whole society's recognition of teachers' profession has been deepened, their political, social and professional status has been significantly improved, and respect for teachers and education has become a common trend.

Second, comprehensively strengthen the ideological and political work of teachers

4. Relying on high-level colleges and universities to build a number of education bases, while coordinating the resources of Party schools (administrative schools), regularly carrying out ideological and political rotation training for teachers, so that the majority of teachers can better grasp the Marxist position, views and methods, understand the development trend of China and the world, and enhance the political identification, ideological identification, theoretical identification and emotional identification of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

5. Adhere to the value orientation and guide teachers to take the lead in practicing socialist core values. Integrate the socialist core values into the whole process of education and teaching, reflect the school management and campus culture construction, and further consolidate the ideological consensus of teachers and students and staff, so as to become a common value pursuit. We will promote China's fine traditional culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture, foster a culture of scientific and technological innovation, and give full play to the function of culture in cultivating teachers' ethics and ethics. Teaching by example is more important than teaching by words, guiding teachers to carry out social practice, in-depth understanding of the world, the party, national conditions, social conditions, and people's conditions, and strengthening the responsibility of education and education for the people. We will improve the system of teacher volunteer service, encourage and support teachers to participate in volunteer service activities, and cultivate educational feelings in the practice of serving society. We will attach importance to the education and guidance of high-level talents, returned overseas teachers, and young teachers, and make our work more targeted.

6. Adhere to the guidance of party building, and give full play to the role of teachers' Party branches and party members' teachers. Strengthen the teachers' party branch, and make the teachers' party branch become an important platform to cultivate teachers' ethics. Build a good team of party members and teachers, so that party members and teachers become the backbone of practicing noble teacher ethics. We should attach importance to developing party members among high-level talents and outstanding young teachers, and improve the system for leading school cadres to contact teachers and active party members. Carry out the "three meetings and one lesson", improve the Party's organizational life system, through the organization of concentrated learning, regularly carry out theme Party day activities, often carry out heart-to-heart talks, and organize the Party teachers and non-party teachers pair contact, give full play to the teachers' Party branch fighting fortress role and the vanguard role of the party teachers. The opinions of the Party branch of teachers should be sought for important matters and key work involving the interests of teachers.

Third, vigorously improve the professional ethics of teachers

Seven. Emphasize classroom moral education and enhance teacher moral accomplishment in education and teaching. Give full play to the role of the main channel of the classroom, guide the majority of teachers to hold the main position of the platform, put moral education and educating people in the first place, integrate into the whole process of education and teaching, and cultivate the heart with the heart, moral education and morality, and personality education. Grasp the law of students' physical and mental development, realize the whole process of all-round education, enhance the initiative, pertinence and effectiveness of education, and avoid the tendency of valuing teaching over educating people. Strengthen the guidance of new teachers and young teachers, through the old and new mechanisms, give play to the role of mentoring, so that they can get familiar with the law of education as soon as possible, master the method of education, and temper noble moral sentiments in the practice of educating people. Teachers' ethics education should run through the whole process of normal school students' training and teachers' career. Normal school students must take the courses of teachers' ethics education, and in-service teacher training should ensure that there is special education of teachers' ethics and ethics in every academic year.

8. Highlight typical tree virtues, continue to carry out excellent teacher selection publicity. Vigorously promote the new era of the majority of teachers beautiful sunshine, dedication, dedication, reform and innovation of the new image. We will dig deep into the typical examples of excellent teachers, comprehensively use the means of awarding honors, reporting deeds, media publicity, creating literary and artistic works, and give full play to the leading, demonstration and radiating role of typical teachers. Carry out multi-level publicity activities for excellent teachers to choose trees, and form a situation in which the school has a model, an example around, and everyone can learn and do. Organize the "model of The Times", the national model of teaching and educating, the national famous teacher and the most beautiful teacher among the teachers to carry out teacher ethics propaganda. Schools around the country are encouraged to take the form of practical reflection and situational teaching, invite front-line excellent teachers into the classroom, and interpret the connotation of teacher ethics with real people and facts.

9. Highlight rules and ethics, strengthen the rule of law and discipline education of teachers. Focusing on the study of the "Teachers Law of the People's Republic of China" and the series of ten guidelines for Professional Behavior of teachers in the new era, we will improve the rule of law literacy and rule awareness of all teachers, and enhance the ability to teach according to law and standardize teaching. The outline of rule of law education for teachers has been formulated, and the rule of law education has been incorporated into all kinds of teacher training systems at all levels. Strengthen discipline construction, comprehensively sort out teachers' discipline requirements in classroom teaching, caring for students, teacher-student relations, academic research, social activities, etc., improve the standard system according to law and regulations, and carry out systematic and regular publicity and education. Strengthen warning education, guide the majority of teachers always self-respect, self-examination, self-police, self-encouragement, adhere to the bottom line of teacher ethics.

Fourth, the requirements of teacher ethics construction throughout the whole process of teacher management

10. Strict recruitment and introduction, the entrance of good teachers. Standardize the application and recognition of teacher qualifications, improve the system of recruitment and introduction of teachers, strictly investigate ideological and political affairs and teacher ethics, give full play to the leadership and gatekeeping role of Party organizations, establish scientific and complete standards and procedures, and resolutely avoid the tendency of teacher recruitment and introduction to rely only on scores, diplomas, professional titles, papers and hats. Places and schools with conditions are encouraged to explore and carry out mental health assessment of prospective employees in light of the actual situation, as an important reference for employment. Strictly regulate the employment of teachers, and incorporate ideological, political and ethical requirements into teacher employment contracts. Strengthen the probation period, comprehensively evaluate the ideological and political and moral performance of the hired personnel, cancel the employment of unqualified personnel, and terminate the employment contract in a timely manner. We attach great importance to the all-round investigation of the introduction of talents from overseas to improve the quality of talent introduction.

11. Strict assessment and evaluation, the implementation of the first standard of ethics. Teachers' ethics assessment should be placed in the primary position of teachers' assessment, adhere to multi-subject and multiple evaluation, take facts as the basis, combine qualitative and quantitative evaluation, improve the scientificity and effectiveness of evaluation, and comprehensively and objectively evaluate teachers' ethics performance. Give play to the role of teacher ethics assessment in restraining and reminding teachers' behavior, timely feedback to teachers on the problems found in the assessment, and take targeted measures to help teachers improve their awareness and strengthen rectification. Strengthen the application of teacher ethics assessment results. Those who fail to pass the teacher ethics assessment shall be assessed as unqualified in the annual assessment, and the qualifications for teacher title evaluation, promotion and evaluation, commendation and award, scientific research and talent project application, etc.

12. Strict ethics supervision, establish a multiple supervision system. We will improve the objective, fair, scientific and reasonable supervision mechanism for teachers' ethics and ethics with the extensive participation of multiple parties. Strengthen government supervision, take the implementation of the long-term mechanism for the construction of teachers' ethics and ethics in all types of schools at all levels as an important evaluation content of the evaluation of local governments' performance of educational responsibilities, and carry out special supervision for places where problems are strongly reflected by the public and problems of teachers' ethics and ethics are common. To strengthen school supervision, schools at all levels and all types of schools should publicize information such as the telephone number and email address of the school and the education authorities in a prominent position on the campus, and accept supervision and reporting according to law and regulations. Strengthen social supervision, explore the establishment of a system of teachers' ethics and ethics supervisors, regularly supervise and comment on the construction of school teachers' ethics and ethics, feed back to the education authorities, and take the supervision and evaluation as an important part of the annual assessment of schools and leading groups.

13. Strict punishment for violations, governance ethics prominent problems. We will encourage local governments and universities to implement the ten Guidelines for teachers' professional behavior in the new era and other documents and norms, and formulate a detailed negative list of teachers' professional behavior. We will focus on severe investigation and punishment of prominent problems with strong public reaction and bad social impact, and carry out centralized control against sexual harassment of students by university teachers, academic misconduct, and illegal payment of extra lessons by primary and secondary school teachers, and accepting gifts from students and parents. Once verified, the organization shall be dealt with or punished in accordance with regulations, and the teachers' qualifications shall be revoked and the teachers' ranks shall be eliminated. Establish a platform to expose teachers' ethics irregularities, improve the reporting system of teachers' ethics violations, and play a warning and deterrent role. Establish and share information database about illegal activities, and improve the system of inquiring about teachers' entry into the school and the system of restricting illegal and criminal personnel from teaching.

Fifth, we will strive to create an atmosphere in which the whole society respects teachers and values education

14. Strengthen the promotion of status and stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers. We will fully listen to the opinions of teachers' representatives when making major decisions and documents on education reform and development and building up the ranks of teachers. Outstanding teachers' representatives are invited to participate in important festivals and festivals around the country. We will commend and reward outstanding teachers, select and award the honorary title of "People's Educator" among teachers who have made significant contributions and enjoy a high reputation in accordance with laws and regulations, and improve the diversified system of teacher honors and commendations such as teaching models, model teachers and excellent teachers. Improve the commendation and reward and management methods, determine the political and life treatment enjoyed by honor recipients in accordance with laws and regulations, and strengthen follow-up support services for honor recipients.

Fifteen. Strengthen the protection of rights and safeguard the professional dignity of teachers. We will safeguard the professional rights of teachers to teach according to law, promote the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, clarify the legitimate powers of teachers to educate and manage students, and study and introduce measures for teachers' disciplinary power. Schools and relevant departments shall ensure that teachers perform their duties in education according to law, and teachers shall not be held responsible for accidental injuries to students that occur objectively and without fault. The dignity of teachers shall be inviolable. The relevant departments shall attach great importance to the occurrence of insults, verbal abuse, physical aggression against teachers by students, parents and their relatives because of the performance of their duties, or slander or malicious hype against teachers through the Internet, and shall strictly deal with those acts that constitute illegal crimes and shall be investigated for corresponding responsibilities according to law. Schools and education departments should provide necessary legal and other support for teachers to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

16. Strengthen the education of respect for teachers and cultivate the culture of teachers on campus. Starting from kindergarten, we strengthened the education of respect for teachers, and accelerated the formation of the culture of respect for teachers, which was in line with the excellent tradition of our country and in line with the spirit of The Times. Promote the culture of respect for teachers into teaching materials, into the classroom, into the campus, through the first lesson of respect for teachers, September theme month and other forms, the concept of respect for teachers and education into the value system of students. Where conditions permit, localities and schools can coordinate relevant resources according to actual conditions, arrange front-line teachers, especially long-term teachers, to recuperate, and focus on qualified class teachers and rural teachers. We should do a good job in the emeritus work of teachers, honor retired teachers, and carry forward the practice of respecting teachers. Establish and improve the system of faculty and staff congresses to protect teachers' democratic rights to participate in school decision-making. Strengthen family education, improve the home-school connection system, guide parents to respect school education arrangements, respect teachers' creativity and play, and cooperate with schools to do a good job in students' learning and education.

17. We will strengthen interaction among all parties and create an atmosphere in which teachers are respected and education is valued. Strengthen the creation of film and television literature works that show the style of teachers in the new era, and make good use of new media forms such as Weibo, wechat, micro-videos and micro-movies to convey teachers' positive energy, so that the whole society can widely understand the importance and particularity of teachers' work. To support and encourage industries and enterprises to "put teachers first" in providing services to the public. Libraries, museums, science and technology museums, sports venues, historical and cultural monuments and revolutionary memorial halls (places) are encouraged to give preferential treatment to teachers. Social organizations, enterprises and non-governmental organizations are encouraged to invest in and reward teachers, or to support teachers in improving their ability and quality, taking medical treatment and recuperation, or to give incentives through the establishment of funds and projects in accordance with the law.

6. Promote the implementation of the task of teachers' ethics and ethics

18. Strengthen job security and strengthen the implementation of responsibilities. Schools all over the country should strengthen the construction of teachers' ethics and ethics, carry forward the tradition of respecting teachers and emphasizing education as the primary task of the construction of teachers, consolidate the main responsibility of the school, and consolidate the responsibility of the principal person in charge of the school. Colleges and universities should strengthen the construction of teachers' work department of the Party Committee, and clearly regard the construction of teachers' ideological and political ethics as its main responsibility. All localities and schools should establish a sound mechanism for implementing responsibilities, and insist on accountability and strict accountability. Financial departments should adhere to the construction of teachers as the focus of education investment to give priority to guarantee, according to the provisions of the existing fund channels to support the construction of teachers' ethics. Relying on existing resources, we will build a number of bases for the construction of teachers' ethics and ethics, strengthen work support, and improve the scientific and practical effectiveness of the construction of teachers' ethics and ethics.

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