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Golden Dragons is a full-time higher vocational and technical college of general medicine and health, approved by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and approved by the Ministry of Education.

The guiding ideology of the school is that the school adheres to the leadership of the Party, fully implements the Party's educational policy, adheres to the socialist direction of running the school, adheres to moral cultivation, cultivates and practices socialist core values, and runs the school according to law.

The university covers an area of about 570 mu and is located in Guilin, Guangxi, a famous international tourist city with beautiful scenery. And relying on the Greater China health Valley school, the Greater China health Valley is China's thirteen health tourism demonstration base and the national Traditional Chinese medicine health tourism demonstration base, built Chonghua Traditional Chinese Medicine Street, Chonghua Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital, traditional Chinese medicine health town and other projects, as a strong teaching support and training base for students' education, teaching, practice training, to provide a solid and powerful guarantee conditions.

The school currently offers the following majors: TCM rehabilitation technology, TCM pharmacy, TCM health care, medical nutrition, rehabilitation treatment technology, medical beauty technology, health management, infant development and health management, domestic service and management, nursing, pharmacy and other majors are committed to inheriting and carrying forward the culture of TCM, taking the service of the people's health and the big health industry as their own responsibility, and creating the cradle of TCM talents for the world.

The school has a team of professional and part-time teachers with rich teaching experience. The president of the school is Professor Huang Cen Han, former Vice president of Guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, president of Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities, Secretary of the Party Committee of Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities and secretary of the Party Group of Guangxi Academy of Sciences. Among the full-time and part-time teachers, there are 10 doctors, 54 graduate students, professors, associate professors, director and deputy chief physicians, and 70 full-time teachers with professional and technical titles. The school also employs a group of doctors who have worked in the medical front line for many years, have rich experience and excellent ability level to disseminate knowledge to students, teach by example, and carry out education and training hand by hand. Let the students learn practical knowledge in school, moral, intellectual and physical development, soon after graduation can show their skills, become the backbone of business. The number of full-time and part-time teachers has exceeded 300.

The school has also set up an academic committee composed of internationally renowned experts and outstanding leaders in various disciplines in China. Among them are Prof. Zheng Yongqi of Yale University School of Medicine, Prof. Shi Xuemin of Chinese Traditional Medicine Master and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Wang Qi, Prof. Sun Guangrong, Prof. Wei Guikang of Chinese Traditional Medicine Master, Prof. Tang Yixin, Prof. Lin Yi, Prof. Li and so on. Among them, Academician Wang Qi led the team to preside over the teaching of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physique and Treatment of disease, and Master Wei Guikang led the team to preside over the teaching of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Bone Rehabilitation in Qhuang, as the inheritors of their academic ideas and medical technology. Students will have the honor to learn TCM knowledge under the guidance of academicians and masters.

Adhering to the school philosophy of "moral education first, skills first, innovation and development, and serving the society", the school takes "enabling more people to live beyond 120 years of age in health, happiness and dignity" as its school purpose, takes training "Great health" medical and health management professionals as its own responsibility, unswervingly implements the strategy of strong talent area, and builds and improves a modern vocational education system with characteristics. To build a talent training base in Guangxi and even the whole country to cultivate health care, old-age care, medical care, and medical tourism, so that more students can enter the palace of medicine, inherit and carry forward the excellent tradition of traditional Chinese medicine of the motherland for 5,000 years, and make greater contributions in the development of "great health".

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